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With the economy going south quite often and the technology booming, one always looks for other more flexible and liberal ways to make money. Hence, out of necessity, making money online has become the norm and the exciting means for supplementing one’s income. But is it really possible to make money online

Da! Of course, it is possible. Just look around you! If you research online, you will find that a lot of people nowadays have become internet millionaires, while many more are already on the way to becoming billionaires! On the other hand, many people may not have gone as far as being millionaires, but at least are earning decent incomes from doing stuff online!  Guess what! People are even becoming celebrities just by being social media “influencers”, earning hefty profits from companies and brand businesses. Isn’t that an exciting thought! I’m sure you’re already thinking what can I do to earn money, right? Now, the question is…how to earn money online? That is the million-dollar question…I guess! There are so many ways to earn money online. Examples of how to make money online include:
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Taking online surveys
  • Reviewing apps and websites for cash
  • Selling your school notes or essays online
  •   Doing small internet tasks for pay such as web search
  • Publishing and selling ebooks or reselling ebooks
  • Joining “cash back programs” such as ebates.com (or ebates.ca for Canadians)
  • Making money with your voice by becoming a voice actor
  • Blogging by having your own blog site or writing for other sites
  • Uploading YouTube videos (you earn from ads and marketing businesses)
  • Starting your own website where you can use ad networks like Google AdSense to earn money
  • Becoming a social media influencer, you get reached by companies and brands to market their products, and services to your fans and followers
  • Selling gigs or services online such as writing articles or offer virtual office assistance. You will need to join freelance networks like freelancer.com and Fiverr.com,
  • Trading markets online…and the list goes on and on

One of well-established ways of earning money online is through the affiliate marketing as I mentioned. The reason is that you do not need to carry any inventory, you do not need to setup a complicated system (most of the time!), and you usually start free. You are basically marketing other people’s stuff! To become an affiliate marketer, you either join an affiliate marketing network such as Commission Junctions or you join individual affiliate programs that belong to businesses such as online retail businesses.

If you’re a newbie :) new to the online business, you are interested…I mean really interested in starting to earn money today and you have a blog or a website, you have a social media account, or you are a member of online forums, you may want to start with affiliate marketing. One such program is the Star Affiliates Program. This affiliate program is one of the best emerging affiliate programs. The Star Affiliate Program is part of Downtown Fashion Mall, a unique and bestseller online mall for downtown fashions that ships worldwide. Downtown mall carries high-quality and most trending chic apparel, jewelry, accessories, shoes, and bags for women, men, and children. In addition, this online mall sells fashionable home décor, kitchen-ware, and bathroom accessories. Check out the Star Affiliates Program home page to learn more about their program. 

Let me help you a bit  more, if you want to get the detailed ins-and-outs of affiliate marketing, and you would prefer a a step-by-step video based training on how to build a very successful online business, then sign up and join Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate was established in 2005 with the initiative to help people succeed in making money online. Right now, it has 10 years of experience in helping over 1 million internet entrepreneurs succeed. If you join the Wealthy Affiliate community, you will be met with affiliate boot-camps and lots of internet marketing tips. You may want to sign up to both programs, the Star Affiliates Program and the Wealthy Affiliate community  to learn and use the knowledge to succeed in marketing the mall products.

The fact is, this trend of making money online is constantly evolving. One needs to carefully research to find out what is feasible, and what is a big waste of time! The word is that there are currently over fifty ways to earn income online. The problem is, how to find a legitimate method. A method that really yields earnings, costs less, requires little to no experience, and is NOT a SCAM!

The second fact is, some of these internet jobs require no experience at all, like completing online surveys, which is mostly based on your own experience. If you have ever shopped, then you can take surveys! If you have a social media account and some friends and family following, you can post your affiliate links and someone out there will like something and go buy it...Ta da! you're an affiliate marketer and will earn a commission! Very simple, right? However, some of these internet jobs may actually compel you to invest in gaining a specialized training to excel and stand out, which ultimately earns you better income.

This have been my brief introduction to how to make money online. Check back for new and detailed posts on more ways to earn income online.

    Ann Ann, Azande Girl

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