Be Good or Be Bad!

Image by Saibel; www.isabelcastano.com

What makes a fellow brother hate his blood brother? Or how can a sister plot evil for her brother or sister? Yet it is happening; day and night, be it in Africa, Americas, and Asia or wherever.

Human nature is very eccentric! I guess color and race has nothing to do with it. A womb of a mother can bring out both the evil and the righteous. Wasn’t it Eve who gave birth to both Able and Cain! And then the world witnessed the first manslaughter crime!! Funny huh… Well I’m sure had mother Eve looked into the book of the future (wish there was one!); she may have decided to stay childless instead of losing one to the grave and the other to the wrath of God! You may think only strangers can hate each other or desire the death of the other.  My friend the sanctuary of a home hides many wonders.

Anyhow, it’s you and only you who can decide to be different. You have all the might to decide and be a good descendant of Able or you may enjoy becoming a true breed of Cain on earth. That way you may be one of the many who help making the world a better place to live in, or one of those wicked weeds who add up to the misery going around the globe! And the flattering thing is that who you are can fashion who your children will become!!

I wonder who I am of the two breeds and who do others perceive me to be! Can you ask yourself? Complicated isn’t it? But only I and you can answer this sincerely, I guess cheating answers in this case doesn’t make a difference!!!


Anonymous said...

Some people don't see how life is too short to be spent on hating or grudges. Family is family they are the ones who can be there for u in bad times, beware not to lose them.


Anonymous said...

right! interesting though!