African Music

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I love African Music. The beats just make you wanna jump up, land on the floor, and just move your body! It doesn't matter if you know how to dance. Well, at least you can do that in your own privacy or with "close friends or family" if that makes you comfortable! Just let go...and let your body find its way!

That brings me to some interesting conclusions I came across! Are you struggling with weight problems? You go to professional dance events, and you wonder how those slim and hot dancers manage to keep off the "phat"! Right!
Hey! By the way, let me tell you, they say dancing is the best natural weight trimming technique……hopefully….if you can manage to learn the required moves or choreography. Back to my topic, correlating my topic of how to get slim and the love for music, African music heritage is full of riches and there is so much to African music that is exotic and just boosts adrenaline! 
Well, I’m inclined to think that dancing was one of our inventions that helped our ancestors keep the weight down!

Because I love African music, I will be having a page for Azande music  and African Music on this blog. So, if you come by again, expect more about my favorite African musicians and songs to bring out the rich culture of African music. I know you will love the guitar rhythms, the traditional dances and the new emerging contemporary music of Africa. By the way, if you’ve noticed, all over the world people are injecting…I mean embracing foreign body moves or say choreographies into their emerging dance moves that is usually taken almost from all around the world, especially African dance moves….hmmm! Just saying!! look closely and you can see for yourself...hey, why not…it’s a free world!

Ok, Let me start by introducing Regga Dee. He is one of my favorite musicians because of the sense of humor he brings in his music clips. Regga Dee is a funny guy. I like that his music has a mix of drama, dance and stimulating beats. Here is one of my favorites for Regga Dee songs. Enjoy and pen down your comments!


Richard Buchta - Zande homestead with womenImage via Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

Hi Africa girl
I love this song and the tall guy looks like a Zande too. Thanks for sharing.

Africa girl said...

Hey, what's up in Africa? Having fun hugh!