World Cup 2010

Uganda is one of the most beautiful places in Africa with its nature and wildlife. BUT some people just can't enjoy beauty nor let others enjoy it!
What happened to people? what will make a sound-mined human being to blow off a premise where huge numbers of other human beings are innocently sitting around  and watching soccer? July 2010 Kampala attacks were such a disguise to our humanity. The Kampala attacks on July 11, 2010 are reported to be suicide bombings carried out against crowds of people who were watching a screening of the 2010 FIFA World Cup's final match during the World Cup season at two locations in Kampala, Uganda. The vicious attacks left 74 dead and 70 injured. This massacre was all over the news, the media; televisions, radio broadcasts, internet, etc. I guess this is what those crooks and sick-minded terrorists wanted as a way for fame!!

Uganda's last day of world cup blast was such an insult to humanity. I mean, this globally shared event is supposed to end with nice memories about how it went!! Of course, except for those whining for their teams' loss! Well, now 2010 World Cup memories would for centuries be remembered in association with a gruesome attack against....who?... mere sport lovers, civilians!! What a joke, I don't even see the point those attackers are trying to make, whoever they are, but they just showed us how vicious they are.

What do you think about the bombing of Uganda? Is it ok to kill innocent people in the name of a religion or personal belief? Please share your thoughts with us...



Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Paulina - remember me from Cairo? I still think of you lots, congrats on the blog. As it happens, I have been living in Uganda for the past 3 years, working for a refugee rights organization. Just came back a few weeks ago, shortly before the blast. You know, it's complicated, because Egyptian security has been going on about the "threat of terrorism" ever since Uganda sent troops to Somalia and even before, but when the blasts hit, there was lots of speculation it may have been provocation on the part of Museveni to justify a security crackdown on the opposition prior to elections. Guess not, though, since Al Shabab claimed responsibility. What this means is that for a while all Somali refugees as well as anyone detained under the anti-terrorism laws is going to have an extra hard time in Uganda.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you were lost. Oh! I'm glad you got out of there in time. Indeed this was such a cruel act and whoever did that has no sensible justification. Now they have created an unnecessary situation for other innocent refugees and Somalis.
Africa girl