I love sunsets, who doesn't? This actually makes me think about life...What makes life matter to you?

We all love life, seriously! But what exactly is that thing that we are all chasing after in life? I mean, we all have different aspirations and dreams. Some come true and some never even see the light!! BUT in you and me, there must be something greater than just these tangible or never lasting things that we all experience and die for!! May be it is relationships, or the joy of seeing the outcomes of a hard work, may be it's the satisfaction that comes from making a difference in someone else’s life. May be just having a happy family is life for you! Or how about just being able to feed your pet and take it out for a walk means the world for you!!!

Well, there got to be something specific that you and me are looking for. The funny thing is that there are other people out there who might be living just for the sake of living! They are out here ... and life goes on!!

* Have you ever thought about what makes life genuine to you?

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Anonymous said...

Life is a puzzle! I like the way you put it! It’s strange that we hardly take the time to meditate on our lives and see what our true goals are. That is why there are so many examples of losers and those who commit suicides. With our busy lives, we tend to drop this part and only come across it when we are troubled.

Maggie M

Africa girl said...

You're right. without a vision the nation falls.