Time Off!

It's FRIDAY again! …and another weekend is at the door! may be finally going to the beach before summer ends. How fun!!

Well, not exactly! The reality is that this is just a partial time off of work and whatever that is an obligation during "business days". Ever thought how when it's Friday then all sort of family, home duties, class assignments, and delayed "off work" responsibilities start to crawl into your schedule or planner? Actually, your brain gets busy scheduling them sometime before Friday even! Isn’t that right? SO! It’s not always that “all free-time” or “mind-free” weekend, which is what we all anticipate as it gets closer during the week! Unless you were a celebrity or one of those with healthy, fat accounts! So, how and when do we really get to enjoy a time off?

The good thing is that on the weekends, you get to choose what you want to do, or at least you have some liberty for that. Busy moms and dads …well, I guess not very much!

Yet you know that you need to have sometime for yourself; just to sit back, take a breath, relax and reflect on your life; may be come up with new resolutions or just gear yourself up. I mean we deserve to get some tiny bit of a free time too, for God’s sake!
It’s up to you how to create that, but trust me you need it.

So my friends, have you ever tried to do your self a favor and take a break?


Anonymous said...
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Africa girl said...

Hi Jackie
Thanks for visiting, how about your Fridays and weekends, Do you get time just for yourself?
I enjoyed reading the related links just underneath the blog topic, check it too.