Engineering is such a spectacular field! Almost every thing around us is a make of an engineering mind. With all the sophisticated mathematical calculations that have to be as accurate as your birth date when reporting your earnings to Uncle Sam!!, and when filing your tax returns!

Well, one thing I'm pretty sure of is, if that bridge I see'em working on and I should soon be crossing to wherever, is being built by some lousy... red-flag certificated!... and a math-dim engineer, then I’m sure better off using the old bridge on the other side of the city yeah! Because I know they are maintaining it properly with my tax payer money!! and who built it was a true engineer!!

Funny, though, I drive a car and I don’t even have a clue of how the tiniest parts in it function to make this thing get me where I’m going! I just get in, get out and the mechanic knows the rest!! Well, I guess, you might be just like me, unless you’re one of 'em engineering gigs!!

Hey another thing I know is that we all take things for granted! So we don’t see, even though we see! I mean just look at all the aerospace, bridges, roads, buildings, airplanes … around you, you name it! but do we even notice them? Mechanical, biochemical, civil, even agricultural engineering!! It just makes you wonder what a brain can do!

You need to take a breath. Stand and look around, just enjoy what you see. We human beings have gone sooo far!

Hey! Now, what interests you about engineering?


Anonymous said...

Hey, I think engineering is a wonderful field. without engineering we will have no such development and infrustructures as we have nowadays.

Africa girl said...

Well, I guess you're right. I would never wanna trade now for stone age!

Anonymous said...

This is the stuff!
Josh B.

Anonymous said...

Good question! er... they make my life easier!~ Best of all, I don't have to walk unless I want to!

Amber S.

Africa girl said...

I guess so! don't you just love it!