Ebola....the Epidemic of Centuries

Who will not be scarred off or run away by the idea of having an Ebola patient entering the same room she/ he is in?! Well, as sad as it is but Ebola presence is a living fact right now in West Africa. The scariest fact is that it has now reached to North America! If that guy who carried it have carelessly or unconsciously made some close contacts with others during his trip from Africa to here in North America (high possibility!), then we’re domed!! The governments of both USA & Canada should start to make extra precautions for some sort of unexpected outbreak. Yeah…it’s true! And you my friend, should be very mindful of your health, more important is be careful of unnecessarily toughing bodily fluids! Now the tricky thing is that instead of putting your head in the sand, dig in and try to find whatever information you can know about the Ebola Saga! You can’t just say “it’s my neighbor’s problem” and sit as if you’re in Mars! The world is so mobile nowadays. At least get to know who your common enemy is. So, if you’re like me who want to know, I thought you would not mind me sharing these few videos with you today. Better to know than staying ignorant!!! By the way you can also find this blog on FanBox at http://posts.fanbox.com/bq2p6

1.      What You Need to Know about Ebola
Hey! Did you ever know that Ebola is transmitted by Bats? I didn’t!!!! So I fished out the net and here is some good video to show you.
2.     Why do Bats Transmit so Many Diseases like Ebola 

3.      ok!  Now this is a simple way of knowing the Ebola Symptoms & Cycle:

Picture materials are taken from Wikipedia
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