Animals Can Be Real Jerks!

Hi again!

One of my hobbies I guess, is that I loooove to surf the Internet!! oh...yah!! 

I mean...Life can be really tasteless and boring without smart phones, PCs, laptops or any means of technology, I...can...not...live...without...technology!! especially my laptop!! I know...I know! someone somewhere may be reading this and say who is this nuts! yea...yea!! but at least my "technology" piece...my laptop and smartphone helps me to overcome a grumpy, unhappy, or a long boring day!! Now, don't ya agree?

Any way, let me tell you friends, there are such wealth of information and fun stuff all online. Today we are in the era of globalization. This "globalization" started as an idea long ago, isn't it but now a days globalization is in every thing!!! as such, you can sit in your room by your computer and you will know all that is happening around the globe. You can even come across very weird videos and documentations online, specially on youtube, search engines, and Facebook, watch out though, some stuff are 'genuine" fabrications!!! no doubt!

Coming back to online fun stuff, I fished-out this video, which I find very interesting I tell you! and believe me...I couldn't even stop laughing, these cute little pets and animals generally can be such smart and devious! Hey, watch out fellow! your cute pet may be acting up behind your back!

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