Online Mall Shopping

Everything these days is "online". People are becoming more comfortable shopping for almost everything "online", even cars, equipment, parts, and services. I guess you can even buy a whole ELEPHANT "online" who knows! By the way, people are even using “online” to plan for criminal acts, can you believe that!! I had read in the news in Vancouver BC that someone communicated about a deal to exterminate somebody online OMG!!! Whether that happened or didn’t happen, I don’t know but I hope the police were geeks enough to bash down this hideous plan. Human beings can be such impossible!!! I guess I was right in what I blogged about in a previous post; Be Good or Be Bad!  (March 2012). Hey, let’s just get over with this sad news and sad stuff…What were we talking about?!!!....aha…online shopping!

Shopping online for fashion and trendy items such as apparel, beauty products, cosmetics, shoes, etc. are becoming so exciting. For one, you can reach merchants or stores online that you have never seen physically in your city, but they exist in the world!! The best thing is that you get your item right at your door, thanks to our efficient postal services & shipping agencies like “ups”. Now, what made me to write about this topic is this weird ideology that what if we can go online to a ONE mall where one can just browse from store to store till you find your desirable item. Then you enter the store to see more and buy or just exit the store and go back window shopping at the mall for more fun. And what if this mall has everything else that one may need, like traveling, flight fares, electronics, or services! The idea is that people….we are tired of having to read through a bunch of long junk or even valuable writings on websites that are supposedly offering services of a mall. Why? just to find a store we love or sort out something we want to buy! In the process you even lose interest!! People want to see and have it all plain! ....Images…images! for God's sake! an image spells it all. We are in the age of speed and fast rhythm. Seeing is believing, right! 

Now let me introduce this dream. Actually, there is something close to this desirable online mall idea. Check out Online Mall Shopping (http://www.onlinemallshopping.net/). I think this is such a tremendous opportunity for all your shopping needs. According to their site “Online Mall Shopping is a fabulous & unique one-stop-shopping mall for shoppers who’re looking for best prices, top products, designer brands, and prominent service providers.  Online Mall Shopping “features pages on Apparel, Automobiles, Electronics, Travel, and Finance & Investment.” As a lover of fashion, I would say that what I love most is this mall’s apparel page or “Fashion & Lifestyle”. My second best page is the mall’s “Travel” page. If you’re looking for economy or luxurious flights, cheapest airfare bookings, vacation packages or cruise lines almost everything travel you can find on this unique online mall. I am fascinated by their variety of shops to choose from and the ease of just looking without having to scan or read through!! …What!!! Who doesn't like to enjoy seeing! Better than stretching your brain…I mean better than having to read through heaps of materials!  Shopping should be fun not stressful right? 

Anyway, I just love this mall and I go back every time for almost anything I want to buy. Just like a mall. Online Mall Shopping is definitely my dream come true! you should definitely check it out.


Anonymous said...

this is interesting! I checked the site and seems legit to me. I also followed some of the links to some of the stores listed, I think they have great stuff. thanks for sharing this.


AzandeNetworkers said...

you're welcome Jake. I personally love shopping through this online mall site.