Potential Talents Get Missed!

A lot of youth and youngsters' talents in Africa go unrecognized…O yeah! There are so many boys and girls, even at very young ages whose talents never see the light in the growing African nations … I mean...they never get audience and their talents never get sponsored to grow! I think some of those unlucky folks would have become "celebrities" of their ages have it not been for their countries’ low economy, tribal wars, or governments' leadership mismanagement.

On the other hand, it is a mere fact that the society and the particular government bodies that are supposed to care about entertainment and arts in most African countries do not promote the emerging talented iconic persons of their societies. Here, I specifically point to the Republic of South Sudan in Africa (the newest country in the world!). Growing the artistic talents of these kids through further education in...say… Music or entertainment, is one of the challenges they face due to lack of funds, inability to find scholarships, and just even lack of access to resources!!

Now, some of these South Sudanese youngsters try their best to push far their luck and pursue their passion for singing by seeking whatever opportunities to sing (and believe me what amazing voices and charisma they display). Yet one main barrier is "marketing" their productions in a way that can bring them profits that can at least facilitate for furthering their quest for becoming established musicians. How to manage and market their work remains to be a big challenge for such emerging young singers, alas! What a shame for these unrepresented kids, but who can see their capabilities!! And who can take the chance to bring them up!!

Regardless, above all, the on-going civil and tribal wars in the African nations does kill alongside not only the people, but also all the potential talents that could have emerged if only these poor souls had lived longer! In such civil wars, political unrest, genocides, etc.... those who are most vulnerable and most affected are the women, elderly, and children; including the youth (youngsters)... These are the talent generations that are wasted. That is what I mean when I say “lots of wasted and missed talents are lost and they grow old and venture into other directions to make a living. Sadly, some of these talented youth even die innocently due to their countries’ political instability, taking their potentials with them!

Anyhow, spotting talents and upgrading them remains to be a dream for many African boys and girls. If you feel the zeal to help some of these talented South Sudanese kids to grow and become achievers in the arena of music, please contact me, Az blogger by email to help you get in touch with some of these vibrant and talented youth at AzandeNetworkers. Below I selected three of talented kids that I enjoy watching their performances. Hey, you can also check the “Video” page here on the blog as I would be updating the page with more videos.

1. BB Dj "Infant Poli"
From Ivory Coast, Africa 

2. Song: Kina Aboro Nga Ani
By: Emmy J. Yoee (Zande Tribe, South Sudanese, Africa) Emmy Yoere

3. Song: Kurase
By: SMigo (South Sudanese, Zande Tribe)

Here is at least one of African youth who got the proper support and managed to shoot up as a renowned entertainer in his country, Tanzania. His fame name is Diamond Platnumz:

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