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Can You Ever Get Such Close to a Lion,a Predators?

Kevin Richardson is a Real Lion Whisperer

Fascinating! This man is hilarious! I could not believe that there’s anyone who could come this close and in such intimate way with wild animals. It’s just like a love story, only this one is between a man and wild animals who captured his heart. I have always been fascinated by the jungle animals, especially the lions and their cubs. It has been my dream when growing that I wish I had a lion or lioness cub to raise. But Of course I have grown out of that, but just retained my love for them. I’m glad I came across this man’s documentary. Meet;

Kevin Richardson – in- Dangerous Companions 

“Lions are some of the most dangerous animals known to man. BUT there is one man who is part of their pride. Kevin Richardson, an outdoorsman who lives just 30 miles north of Johannesburg, has an amazing ability to communicate with some of Africa’s most feared predators. His conservation area is home to lions, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards and panthers. He is able to live with them, sleep curled up with them, swim with lionesses, caress cubs and tussle with males. This exciting and touching series will take viewers on a journey to the stunning African wilderness, giving them an exclusive insight into the life of the real Lion Whisperer.”

While watching this video, I felt intense excitement seeing the cherished moments that this man experiences with these animals. I think it’s a daily choice to follow your instincts and test the uncertainty. And Kevin surely knows what he wants, to be with these unpredictable friends! Although I have come to find out that he gets paid to do this job. But it does not look like a mere job. You can see clearly that he's not treating his job as work, rather as part of his life, it's what he loves doing. You can see clearly that he's not treating his job as work, rather as part of his life, it's what he loves doing.

One Other thing that caught my attention is about the females. Lionesses are not the kind of animals you want to mess with, especially when it comes to their babies. However Kevin has defied the impossible. ,In the video I loved especially the moment that Kevin had with “Pelokghale”, the new lioness mother who just gave birth to her cubs. Any man needs to be extra cautious of such a lioness who won’t allow even their own pride members near her babies. But “Pelokghale” somehow allowed him to enter their world, may be because it’s a payoff for the close relationship he nurtured with her since she was a baby too.

Kevin could have been torn apart when he entered the “Pelokghale” den, on the contrary she seems to enjoy his visit. Oooo! I cherish this part “and then she (Pelokghale), astonishes him with the greatest honor a lioness can ever bestow on a man…she offers her new born to him (Kevin)”. This is so humbling to me. As I realize how less understanding we are, humans, I wished we could have more of Kevin to help us learn about the world of

these wild animals. I enjoyed watching this documentary so much that I didn’t notice that time has passed, I was filled with such sense of love and little wisdom of how great is out there for us to learn. I guess one will never know how it is to be among jungle animals unless you take the chance of testing for yourself. I have always believed that “If you’re born for something and if you’re destined to be something, then you will find your call on your own. Believe me, you will feel some ties, and some force leading you to your destination”.